Gleb Pereyaslavsky

I am Ruby on Rails Consultant and Entrepreneur.

Currently working as CEO at Platonic.

I develop web and mobile applications for iOS and Android (native and crossplatform).

Areas of interest

These subjects are in the area of my interest:

Web development
Ruby on Rails framework. Using locomotive CMS and Active Admin for speeding up standard data management. Javascript libraries (jQuery with plugins) and frameworks (Knockout, Angular) for front end
Mobile development
iOS and Android native development, cross-platform frameworks
Configuring scalable solutions, managing web startup infrastructure
Electronic engineering
Robots, quadrocopters
Business process description
UML diagrams, mind nodes, business process description and documenting
Neuronetworks, machine learning
Audiovisual experience
Creating audiovisual experience software and hardware solutions
Other topics
Bicycles, Space, Popular Physics, Medium and Large Format Photography


Feel free to contact me for more information on rates and working scenarios. My e-mail is, skype: glebkq

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